Community Theatre Group
Tiptoe Through the Tombstones 2-Act Play





Good Help is so Hard to Murder

Time will Tell” (3 one-act plays: “The Pram”, “Sure FM”, and “Ineligible Bachelor”)



Third Week in August

Confessions & Indiscretions” (3 one-act plays: “Morning Tea with the Minister”, “Good Grief”, and “Pretext”)

Tomb with a View



Somebody Famous

Funny Aussie Shorts” (4 one-act plays: “Holidazed,” “Love Bytes,” “Abducted by Alien Comedians,” “Hair Dresser’s Code”)

Twas the fight before Christmas



My Inlaws are Outlaws

Marriage and other Disasters” (3 one-act plays: “Love & Other Flushes,” “Do I?” “Golf, Marriage & other murderous matters”)

Crazy Ladies



Creche and Burn

It takes two” (3 one-act plays: “Cupboard Love,” “Cruise Missile,” “Anything but Barefoot Bowls”)

The Opposite Sex



The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery

Love, Murder and Frozen Dinners” (3 one-act plays by Hugh O’Brien – made up of “The Traveller’s Table”, “The Husbans Murderer’s Support Group” and “Love or Nearest Offer”)

The Haunted Through Lounge and Recessed Dining Nook at Farndale Castle




Comedy festival” (3 one-act plays – made up of “God Goes to a Shrink”, “Top Ten Tips to Woo Your Wife” and “Stroke”)

Blithe Spirit



The Importance Of Being Earnest

Socks, Cots & Frocks” (3 one-act plays – made up of “Socks Go In The Bottom Draw”, “Babysitting Calvin” and “The Rack”)

The Ex-Factor



“Are You Sure There’s Nobody There”

“As Time Goes By” (3 one-act plays – made up of “New York Minute”, ” He Said & She Said” and “Whose Go Is It”)

“Murder In Company”


2010 “Agatha Crispie”

“Now & Then” (3 one-act plays – made up of “Sorry”, “Monday to Friday” and Avatar”)

Celebration – a revue (“Post It’s”, “Richard the Third’s Revenge”, “My Favourite Things”, “Snow White”, “Moviemania The Sequel”, “Four Old Timers”, “Cinderella”, “Jack & The Beanstalk”, “Nudge Nudge”, “At Home With The Gnome”, “Sweet Caroline” and “The Fairy of the Christmas tree”)


2009 “Darling Mr London” “Best Medicine” (4 one-act plays – made up of “Something Blue”, “Dinner for One”, “Level 12” and “Dolly Dazzlers”) “Lady Godiva”


2008 “Big Bad Mouse” “Playing Around” (3 one-act plays – made up of “Bottoms Up”, “Say What?” and “Hot Spots”) “Who’s In Bed With The Butler?”


2007 “Don’t Dress for Dinner” “With a Twist”


2006 “Opportunity Knocks” “Last of the Red Hot Lovers” “Sowing the Seeds”


2005 “Play On”,”It’s Not Over Until…………….” – “With This Ring”, “Mrs Harper’s Bazaar” & “The Fat Lady Sings in Little Grimley” “Secret Bridesmaids’ Business”


2004  “The Outback Debutante Ball”  “June Groom”  “Spinoff”


2003 “Bazaar and Rummage” For The Fun Of It: “Once Upon a Jumbuck”, “Ghosts in the Wardrobe” and “Gertrude the Governess” Hamming It Up: “Protecting the Ham”, “The Cruise”,”The Note” and “Who’s the President”


2002 “Member for Lizard Falls” “Chef’s Surprise”, “Be Prepared” and “Cockatoo Springs”. “Boeing Boeing”


2001 “Autumn Manoeuvres” “Do Not Disturb” “Oh What Tangled Webs…”/ “Mum’s the Word”, “Norman” and “Housekeeper Wanted”


2000 “There Goes The Bride” “Green Grows the Cabbages”/ “Richard the Third’s Revenge”/ “It’s a Crust”. “Revue 2000”

1999 “Breath of Spring”. “Elizabeth the Third”/ “Anyone for Tennis?”/ “Last Panto in Little Grimley”. “Little Robyn Riding Hood”


1998 “Trial and Error”. “The Morning After”/ “Kindred Spirits”. “Those Were the Days” – a Revue

1997 “I’ll get my Man”. “The Casting of Rosalinda”/ “The Spare Bed”/ “The Grandfather Clock”. “Truly Tangled Tales” – a Pantomime

1996 “Find the Lady” “Still Life with Violets”/”Nun the Wiser”/”Last Tango in Little Grimley” “Comedy Tonight” – a Revue

1995 “Pools Paradise” “Abracadaver” – A musical “We Found Love and an Exquisite Set of Porcelain Figurines Aboard the S.S. Farndale Ave”

1994 “Thriller of the Year” “Confusions” “The Further Furtive Fortunes of Fickle Fate” or “Sir Jasper’s Revenge” – A Melodrama

1993 “See How They Run” “Monday to Friday”/ “The Disaster” “Open House”. “The Farndale Ave Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of ‘A Christmas Carol'”

1992 “Not Now Darling” “We’re in the Money” – A Revue

1991 “Ladies of Spirit” “Over my Dead Body” “Richard the Third’s Revenge” “Remains to be Seen” “Slice of Heaven” “The Furtive Fortunes of Fickle Fate” – A Melodrama

1990 “Man Alive” “They had to Go” “It’s a Crust” “Room 22” “The Misadventures of Snow White” – A Pantomime

1989 “Strangers in the House” “The Haunted Through Lounge and Recessed Dining Nook at Farndale Castle” “Fluff”/ “I’ll Ring for More Toast” “Mr Twemlow is not Himself” “Head for the Hills” – A Revue

1988 “White Sheep of the Family” “Caroline” – A Musical

1987 “The Witching Hour” “Aunt Lizzie’s Millions” “The Playgoers” “With Vacant Possession” “The Farndale Ave Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery”

1986 “Hang your Clothes on Yonder Bush” “Viva! Woman’s Lib!” “Murder Deferred”

1985 “Move over Mrs Markham” “The Uncucumber Man”/ “Elizabeth the Third” “The Eleventh Commandment”

1984 “Impromptu” “Sunday costs Five Pesos” “Phoebe’s Shining Knight” “There goes the Bride” “A Christmas Carol”.

1983 “The Guilty Generation” “Master Dudley” “Green Grow the Cabbages” “Make Believe”.

1982 “Ladies of Spirit” “Maria Marten” or “Murder in the Red Barn” “The Drunkards Dilemma” or “Her Honour for Tenpence” “Perfidious Piecework” “A Christmas Carol”.

1981 “The Friends of Valerie Lane” “The Sisters’ Tragedy” “Phoebe’s Shining Knight” “Queer Street” “Going Places” “Char Char” “A Lady in a Cage” “Phoebe’s Shining Knight”.