Community Theatre Group

The Opposite Sex

 by David Tristram

  November 2015

 Publicity photo

Directed by Lorelle Edwards and Eleanor Hayden

    Mark                         Lee StClair

     Vicky                         Lisa Bartlett

  Judith                         Cara Biffin

            Eric                         Jacques Jodaan

Mark and Vicky don’t have perfect marriage and neither do Eric and Judith. When a chance reunion brings both couples reluctantly together for a dinner party, sparks fly. The couples come to realise they all have far more in common than they could possibly realise. Egos and faces are bruised as secrets are revealed and plenty of laughs are assured in this fast paced farce. Will Mark take off with Judith the Avon Lady, or will Eric and Vicky drive off into the sunset in a Morris Minor? And what about Bernard?