Community Theatre Group

“The Ex Factor”

by Ian Hornby

Phil and Jane are about to welcome the first paying B&B guests to their farm,
but first they have to impress the B&B inspector who just happens to be Phil’s ex-wife.
The guests are arriving, the manure is ripening and the ex is too friendly.
The Ex has also brought her partner who is rumoured to be a Chippendale.

Performed November 2012

The cast of The Ex Factor

The cast of The Ex Factor


  • PHIL                           Peter Carmichael
  • JANE                                    Tina Reid
  • RON                          Dominic Tennison
  • ANNE                           Eleanor Hayden
  • MARGARET                  Lorelle Edwards
  • FELICITY                         Joanne Prove
  • LAWRENCE                       Gary Farmer

DIRECTOR:              Margaret Reid