Community Theatre Group

Q1.   Can you teach me to act?

Ans.  We will certainly give it a try and we hope you will too. We all learn as we go along.


Q2.   What about costumes?

Ans.  Many actors provide their own costumes, but we do have a large wardrobe and lots of helpers.


Q3.   I want to work behind the scenes. Is that OK?

Ans.  Come on in!


Q4.    Do you have to be good looking to be an actor?

Ans.   Mickey the dog played a fine role in a previous production.


Q5.    How much does it cost?

Ans.   The vast sum of $20 per year ($10 for students). Membership is open to all ages over 16.


Q6.    Will I be allowed to direct plays?

Ans.   Directors are chosen from the company. They are usually people who have performed a bit.