Community Theatre Group


By Eric Scott AO


Hillary was adopted by Margaret at birth and has been searching for her genetic parents. She has already found her birth mother, Delia and as the play opens she informs her, husband David that she has just made contact with her genetic father, Antonio. She also tells David that she has invited both mothers for a visit the following weekend.

So as not to upset Margaret they concoct a story that they are going away for the following weekend and taking son Jason with them. The following weekend, when Delia has arrived Margaret turns up on the pretext of checking the house. Then Antonia arrives uninvited and is mistaken for a swimming pool salesman. To keep Delia and Antonio apart David tells Antonio that the two women out the back drinking his wine are the cleaning ladies.

Amid the deceptions and tall stories, the play turns into a farce as people come in and out of doors, just missing each other, and David’s stories get taller. Delia and Antonio eventually meet and have no recollection of each other at all, until one of Antonio’s phrases rings a bell and the past comes to light.