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For your safety and wellbeing, The Hills Players will comply with all required government health regulations during the Coronavirus pandemic. Such as:

  1. Social distancing measures. 
  2. Cleaning of venue before each performances.

Coming to The Hills Players – November 2021

The Hilarious “Witch In 204” by Barbara Pease Weber

Latch your windows! Bolt your door! Beware of The Witch in 204!

You know your property value has plummeted when Bella, a witch moves in next door!

But, that’s not retired schoolteacher, Sylvie Goldberg’s only trouble. Sylvie’s hopes of living happily-ever-after with Eugene, the “otherworldly” gentleman of her dreams, soon dissipate, when Bella turns out to be Eugene’s mysterious former paramour!!

Bella is NOT happy and proceeds to wreck havoc on Sylvie and Eugene’s wedding day as the uninvited guest.