Community Theatre Group

COVID 19 Requirements

For your safety and wellbeing, The Hills Players will comply with all required government health regulations during the Coronavirus pandemic. Such as:

  1. Social distancing measures. 
  2. Cleaning of venue before each performances.

Next Production: Locked Up, Locked Down. 2 One Act Plays

Performance Dates – Friday and Saturday, 13th & 14th May, Friday & Saturday 20th & 21 st May

A Basement To Far

It’s Meet the Authors night at the library which, because of building works, has to be held in the basement

But security man Colin has unfortunately left his keys on the other side of a very thick fire-door. So sensible librarian Maggie, sardonic thriller writer Miranda, self-styled alpha-male survival writer Wolf, neuroses ridden Simone, the only audience member, and the hapless Colin, are trapped for a long holiday weekend. But surely Wolf will find a way to get them out? Tensions mount as the air gets thinner and lights fail

Written by Liz Turner “By arrangement with”

Lockdown In Little Grimley

In a time of lockdown, Chairman Gordon calls an emergency meeting, complete with social distancing, to discuss his idea for their next production when restrictions ease – a touching love story set in a hospital, with all profits destined for the NHS. But based on their previous efforts, will the NHS actually end up worse off?

Written by David Tristram by Arrangement with ORiGiN TM Theatrical. On behalf of Samuel French. A Concord Theatericals Company